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Meeting Date: 9/9/2020 - 7:00 PM
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Subject: District 200 School Reopening 2020-21
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Background: The 2020-2021 school year resumed on September 1st, consistent with adjustments that were made to the District 200 Reopening Plan on August 14th. Elementary students began the school year with the option of in-person instruction on a modified day or the Virtual Academy. Middle and High School students started the year remotely. The adjustments to the original plan were made based on updated guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health that adjusted the definition of a close contact for contact tracing, adjusted the requirement for return to school for a student or staff member with a symptom, adjusted cleaning protocols and response following a symptomatic or confirmed case of COVID-19, and adjusted expectations for school exclusions. For many schools and districts, the adjusted expectations did not change the ability to open a school, but created serious challenges with the ability to remain open.
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D200 School Reopening Update BOE 9.9.20.pdf
Summary: District 200 did open 15 schools this week, along with welcoming students to instructional level special education programs. On Wednesday, the reopening update will include a report of the first six days of school for our in-person programs. District Administrators will also review a Return To School Framework released by the DuPage County Health Department and the associated dashboard of the metrics identified in this plan. Finally, administrators will discuss the impact of the first two items on Reopening Plans at the middle and high school and the specific planning being updated at those levels.

District administrators are also planning two additional town halls in coordination with our high school principals. The dates and format for those town halls will be shared on Wednesday as a part of this presentation.
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