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Meeting Date: 9/9/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: Discussion Items
Type: Info
Subject: 2020-21 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
Vision 2022:
Background: The Citizen’s Advisory Committee has been in existence for the last five years in District 200. It is an advisory committee comprised of members of the community, District staff and Board of Education. CAC meets monthly and follows all requirements of the Open Meetings Act as it discusses and receives community input on topics identified by the Board of Education and Members of CAC. The group has always met in person at the School Service Center. The format of CAC will have to be considered for this year given the guidelines for physical distancing and school operations in place at the current time. We have considered three options for the operation of CAC this year.

1. Meet In-Person - The meeting format and logistics would need to be adjusted for this option to maintain physical distancing and ensure all requirements inside of our school buildings are followed.
2. Meet Electronically - Given the requirements under OMA, meeting electronically would mean that all expectations under the temporary guidance for meeting absent a physical quorum would need to be followed.
3. Delay Start of CAC - The start date for CAC could be delayed until concerns with either of the first two options could be addressed.

We did survey returning and new members of CAC on the three options identified above. On Wednesday, administrators will review their feedback and the Board’s feedback for operation of CAC this year.
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Jeff Schuler - Superintendent