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Meeting Date: 9/9/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: Oral Reports
Type: Info
Subject: Reopening Update: Focus on Special Populations
Vision 2022:
Background: E-Learning was implemented by District 200 schools beginning on March 17, 2020 in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. On April 17, in-person instruction was suspended for the remainder of the school year by Governor Pritzker. In May, District 200 formed a reopening team comprised of administrators, teachers, and a member of the Board of Education to develop plans for reopening school in 2020-2021. The reopening team contains eight subteams each dedicated to the many facets to reopening school in 2020-2021. On June 23 the Illinois State Board of Education released requirements and recommendations for schools to resume in-person learning this fall while keeping students, and staff safe and healthy. The guidance continues to evolve through clarification provided by ISBE, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the DuPage County Health Department. The reopening plans were presented to the Board of Education at the July 8, 2020, July 29 and August 12, 2020 meetings.
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Special Populations Reopening Plan Updates.pdf
Summary: This report will feature plans the administrative team has developed for students with disabilities and English Learners for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Melissa Murphy - Asst Superintendent
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Jeff Schuler - Superintendent