Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 11/9/2022 TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Longfellow Elementary School
DETAILS: Live Stream on D200 youtube ch...
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Communication With Host School
1. Principal Sean Walsh will report on Longfellow Elementary School Info
Modifications to the Agenda
Recognitions & Achievements
1. Ms. Lauren Nielsen - Illinois Art Education Association Junior High/Middle Level Art Educator of the Year Info
2. Mr. Tom Wentland - Illinois Design Educators Association Drafting Educator of the Year Info
Board President Report
1. Board President Chris Crabtree will Provide a Report Info
Public Comments - Agenda & Non-Agenda Items
1. Public comments are important to the Board. However, it is the Board's policy not to take action on items until time has been taken to gather information and discuss all options. Lack of action does not imply lack of interest in the issues. Info
Superintendent Report
1. Dr. Jeff Schuler will Report on a Variety of Topics Info
Consent Agenda Items
1. Acceptance of Gifts from Whittier Elementary School PTA Action
2. Acceptance of Gift to Whittier Elementary School - Fifth Grade Action
3. Acceptance of Gift to Wheaton Warrenville South High School - Boys Basketball Program Action
4. Approval of Bills Payable and Payroll Action
5. Approval of Minutes (continued in summary) Action
6. Approval of Personnel Report to include Employment, Resignation, Retirement and Leave of Absence of Administrative, Certified, Classified and Non-Union staff Action
Action Items
1. Vision 2026 - Approval of College and Career Readiness Platform Action
2. Approval of Bids for 2023 Facility Improvements: Flooring work at three (3) CUSD 200 Schools (Longfellow, Hawthorne & Sandburg) Action
3. Approval of Bids for 2023 Facility Improvements: Roofing Work at Wheaton North and Hawthorne Elementary Action
4. Approval of Bids for 2023 Facility Improvements: Capital Improvements - LLC Updates at Johnson and Whittier Elementary Schools Action
5. Approval of Bids for 2023 Facility Improvements: Paving/Concrete Rehabilitation at Wheaton Warrenville South and Wheaton North High Schools. Action
6. Approval of Resolution and Final Contract for Guaranteed Energy Savings with Performance Services, Inc. for summer 2023 work. Action
Oral Reports
1. 2022 Proposed Property Tax Levy Info
Discussion Items
1. Discussion of IASB Resolutions and Direction for Delegate Voting Info
Written Reports
1. Monthly Financial Reports Info
2. FOIA Report Info
3. Board Communication Log Info
4. Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Report Info
Reports From Board Members
1. Board Committee Reports Info
2. Other Reports from Board Members Info
Topics For Future Discussion
1. 2022 Truth in Taxation Hearing - December 14, 2022. Info
2. Library Learning Center Material Selection Process Info
Next Regular Meeting
1. December 14, 2022 7:00 PM, Johnson Elementary School Info
1. Adjourn the Meeting Action