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7/10/2019 - 7:00 PM  
Oral Reports  
Community Engagement Update & Planning  
Vision 2022:
Community & Parent Engagement
Establish regular and ongoing opportunities to engage our community members, especially senior citizens, in our schools.
8.10 - Public Relations  
Through the 2014 Engage 200 process, our community encouraged the Board and District to continue targeted community engagement efforts. Since that time, the Board has significantly increased and maintained their community engagement efforts, including additional parent engagement opportunities, increased social media presence and creation of videos. Staff has maintained a Community Engagement Work Plan since the end of the 2014-15 School Year.  
File Attachment:
Community Engagement Plan DRAFT v3 7.10.19.pdf
CE Update & Planning BOE Presentation 7.10.19.pdf
The Community Engagement Work Plan outlines the District & Board's efforts to maintain our Vision 2022 commitment to continuously engage our community to determine its priorities, foster partnerships, and promote learning.  
This report and work plan are for informational purposes only.

Staff requests feedback from the Board of Education regarding the proposed work plan. Based on the last several years of community engagement efforts, is there anything we should add to this plan? Is there anything we should remove from the plan? A presentation with highlights from the prior year and new initiatives for the coming year will be provided at the meeting.
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Erica Loiacono - Dir Public Relations
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Jeff Schuler - Superintendent