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Meeting Date:
6/12/2019 - 7:00 PM  
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Approval of Agreement with EAB District Leadership Forum  
Vision 2022:
Student Learning
Expand the opportunities for students to have choice, challenge, and success in their learning, through differentiation and personalization.
Learning Support Systems
Implement a school improvement system for support and coordination between core instruction and interventions. (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support MTSS)
EAB is a District Leadership Forum that provides district leaders and staff innovative solutions to their largest strategic challenges. Effective strategy and on-demand research will be accessible to our school leaders. A dedicated personal advisor will be assigned to District 200 to support our leadership team. Additionally, EAB will provide multiple opportunities for professional learning with district leaders from across the country. Their research and strategy warehouse aligns closely with our inquiry-based school improvement process. EAB's resources will support professional learning opportunities for our leaders both inside and outside of our district.  
File Attachment:
The term and scope of the agreement is June 13, 2019 to June 12, 2023. Annual Membership Fees are as follows:
Year 1: $15,925
Year 2: $22,050
Year 3: $24,500
Year 4: $25,725
Additionally, a $1,500 fee is assessed each year to offset travel and administrative expenses.
Title 2 Funds.  
It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the four year agreement with EAB District Leadership Forum.  
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Chris Silagi - Assistant Superintendent
Signed By:  
Jeff Schuler - Superintendent
Vote Results:

Original Motion
Member Ginna Ericksen Moved, Member Susan Booton seconded to approve the Original motion 'It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the four year agreement with EAB District Leadership Forum.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 6 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 6 - 0
Brad Paulsen     Yes
Jim Mathieson     Yes
Rob Hanlon     Yes
Ginna Ericksen     Yes
Susan Booton     Yes
Dave Long     Yes